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Artificially Flavored Real Fruit

Drucsilla's Journal
30 August 1971

Friends Only
Friends Only

If your interested in my journal please tell me how you found me and I will friend you back. I will let you know that this is my journal, I write my thoughts and feelings and whatever else I want here. My journal is a way for me to keep sane; bits and pieces of my life are on here.

Happily married the most incredible Man in the world - My Ogre. The person I look forward to spending the rest of my life with, the man who I have cried with, laughed with, who has made my days and my nights. He has held my hand through rough times, stood beside me and supported me when I felt I could not go on, and been with me to share my joy. I don't think that there is a day that goes by that I am not blessed to have him in my life.

In Memory of our darling son, Andrew Wyatt, 051906. He is our precious angel and we miss him so much.